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Best books to read about dating

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Cat Carmichael is the owner of a thriving naughty bakeshop—who hasn't been intimate with her boyfriend in almost two years thanks to a muscular condition called vaginismus.

bestseller, Elizabeth Gilbert brings us more of her rich wisdom and distinctive viewpoints, this time on being creative.The result is a baker's precise blend of hilarity and heart as she discovers what's worth holding onto and when it's time to let go.In California, Priya has all the material trappings of a successful life, but desperately longs for a child.The book provides research-backed answers to why the gender wage persists and what to do about it.Brzezinski's stories of leaders show us how to raise our own personal bar.Motivated by a moving secret, she embarks on a journey to raise enough money to travel to New York City and purchase the dress of her dreams.

Taking place from the 1960s to the present, the story follows Mimi Miller as she grows up in Miller's Valley, a tiny community whose future is threatened.

In this New York Times bestseller, authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman assert that confidence is the primary reason men have more career success than women.

This practical book by the authors of Womanetics is a guide to confidence that women can use at any age or stage to achieve transformative results in their professions.

What begins as a study of small-town society becomes a compelling account of war and its aftermath.

Emilia Brown is an elderly widow who was never one for frivolity, but when she spots a beautiful Oscar de la Renta dress while helping inventory an estate, she is entranced—she must own it.

This celebration of free speech and democracy is Ali's psychological coming of age.