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Best bible study for dating couples

We’ll contrast the modern dating culture with godly dating practices.

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Consider Mary at the feet of Jesus, learning and listening. Jesus said that Mary had chosen the “better part, which will not be taken from her.” Husbands, don’t take your “Mary” away from the feet of Jesus. Read or print out a copy of “Studying a Bible Text: The Four Primary Steps” and apply these four steps as you study God’s Word together. You can do nothing for your marriage better than this. Don’t point your finger at your mate in accusation; take the other person’s hand and read God’s Word together. Hook: One’s attention is caught through simple observation of the text and the motivation to probe deeper. Book: This is an evaluation and interpretation of the passage. Look: Meditation on this passage and integration of it into your life. Took: You both accept the application of this text, and personalization results. The Hook, Look, Book and Took Any Bible passage can be comprehended by using these four steps: 1. Marry whoever you like, but you will soon find you married “someone else,” someone you really need to get to know better.

You do not marry a person, you marry a personality.

A couple must remember that after they say, “I do,” they must say, “I will.” Your personal sanctification is a vital and intimate aspect of your marriage.

You can only grow together as a couple as you grow spiritually as individuals.

If you do this, you will read the Bible through in three years. You need to help each other know the road map so you both get to your spiritual destination together.

You will find more information regarding this on this site under “Marital/Bible Studies: Bible Study Resources.” A simple plan, if you can stick to it, is to read a Bible chapter a day.

A good Bible dictionary/encyclopedia may also be helpful.