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Benefits consolidating servers

Although it is still a fairly new technology, the success of server virtualization is prompting many companies -- and systems integrators (SIs) -- to look into the benefits of desktop virtualization.Companies that look into desktop virtualization have typically already gotten into server virtualization and are familiar with products from VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, which all factor into desktop virtualization, said Barb Goldworm, president of Focus Consulting, a research firm based in Boulder, Colo.

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Desktop virtualization can alleviate that by allowing administrators to provide just a few virtual machine (VM) images, or templates for VMs, which all employees use.Open networking for the data center Dell EMC Open Networking enables you to choose from open operating systems and software applications to enhance automation, security, analytics, and business agility.Server solutions Power Edge servers maximize operational effectiveness and optimize flexibility at any scale.We employ a broad range of certified consultants and engineers, backed by program management teams, who can deliver deep technical expertise.We give you the confidence that your project will be done right and on time.Other benefits of desktop virtualization include increased security and a way to let employees control their computer environments while also allowing IT to lock down business-related functions.

The fundamental technology behind desktop virtualization is similar to server virtualization: An administrator creates a VM image file that contains a computer's operating system, drivers, applications, files and settings.

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By Yuval Shavit, Features Writer Server virtualization is a fairly new technology that's already broken into the mainstream, but servers aren't the only computers that can benefit from virtualization.

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