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What you will need to do is invest time in getting a local girl to trust you.They're a bit flaky at times, but once they see you actually want to get to know them, then the barriers come down and the flakiness eases never really goes away.

Take a close look at you self and consider the situation.Just keep your head on a swivel with that one - passionate = flaky. Women here are late for everything and will cancel a date without giving it a second thought.They've already done that dozens of times in their life, so you won't be any different.There is nothing wrong with any of them, but you might be missing out on a true South American dating gold mine - Barranquilla.This is a coastal city with a population of just over 1 million people, and its location on the Caribbean coastline means the European genetic influences are really obvious in the women.Think long dark hair, cinnamon skin, full lips, a lot of booty, and slim bodies. The obsession with appearance for Colombian women in other cities usually means meeting a lot of girls who've had plastic surgery, but that's not the case here.

Sure, there are still girls with fake boobs and asses, but they're not in the majority so there's very little "false advertising" going on.

It is a lot of fun and pretty common in international dating. Scanning tourist photos might lead you to believe that Colombian women are all very dark skinned, but that isn't the case in Barranquilla - it's mostly light skinned girls here.

Not that there's anything wrong with a dark skinned hottie, but let's face facts, you're here for the light skinned girls that match the pictures you’ve seen online. Well, Shakira and Sofia Vergara are both from the city, so that gives you some idea of what local girls look like. Nope, but you're going to be surprised as hell at just how many of them share the same basic looks.

The articles has some suggestions about that too, so give it a read, because you want to keep the reputation of Western men high in Colombia.

It is amazing, but so few Western guys hang out in Barranquilla it gives you instant curb appeal.

Basically, many of them are a bunch of Casanovas with egos writing checks their asses can't cash.