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So, send us an email if you know the answer this question Why do these three call themselves Barlow Girl? Because that's the name Superchic[k] gave them (see Because that's the name they took from the Superchic[k] song 3.

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To date, it's the second-only track where oldest sister and guitarist Rebecca sings a solo. There is also a Family Christian exclusive version which contains the bonus track, "We Pray", which, among others, also features artists Mandisa, Jackson Waters, and Rebecca St. Their second album, Another Journal Entry, was released on September 27, 2005.3 on Soundscan's Christian album chart, and had reached eighty-five on Billboard's Top 200 Current Albums chart by October 10, 2005.The band was composed of sisters Alyssa (lead vocals, bass, keyboard), Rebecca (backing vocals, guitar), and Lauren Barlow (co-lead vocals, drums).Barlow Girl was voted the January 2006 winner in Yahoo!They recorded the song "We Pray" (written by Clint Lagerberg and Otto Price) for the event, along with other artists such as Rebecca St. The song is available on the Family Christian exclusive version of their self-titled album.Barlow Girl re-released this album August 2006 as Another Journal Entry: Expanded Edition. Stay With Me (Low Key Track Without Background Vocals)25.

Mirror (Original Key Performance Track W/ Background Vocals)24. We Pray (As Recorded for National Day of Prayer)28.

Never Alone (Original Key Performance Track W/ Background Vocals)23.

I Need You To Love Me - High key performance track w/out background vocals22.

The group Superchick included a song titled "Barlow Girls" on their initial release, Karaoke Superstars, as a tribute to the actual Barlow sisters and their stand for purity, and effectively introduced the sisters to the music world.1 song in 2004 on R&R's CHR and CRW's Rock charts, "Never Alone" was named Song of the Year on each of these charts.

The CD had sold over 250,000 units by April 2005, and featured the singles "Never Alone" and "Mirror".

The band filmed a music video for their hit song "Never Alone" for release on mainstream radio and music video television channels, but it did not chart in the mainstream.