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Backdating income support

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If you want to claim housing benefit but are self-employed you'll also need to complete our self-employed income and expenditure form (Word 62KB) and send it back to us along with any other forms we've asked you to complete.

Further information on Council Tax Support & Housing Benefit Forms are also available at all of our main offices.The scheme provides help with Council Tax payments in two ways. This helps people on low income pay their Council Tax.This is not based on your needs, but on the income of certain adults in your household.The amount you get will be based on the housing needs of you, your family and your income.You cannot get Housing Benefit to help with mortgage payments, but you can get advice about this from the Department for Works and Pensions.8 and Transitional and Transitory Provisions) Order 2017 (SR.

No.190/2017) - This Order brings into force provisions of the Welfare Reform (Northern Ireland) Order 2015 (SI.

No.952/2017) sets out the full service expansion between October 2017 and January 2018 More universal credit legislation New regulations (4 October 2017) - Healthy Start Scheme and Day Care Food Scheme (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2017 (SR.

No.200.2017) - Add receipt of universal credit as a qualifying benefit for Healthy Start Scheme food and vitamins in Northern Ireland More on the transition to universal credit in Northern Ireland New regulations in Northern Ireland (25 September 2017): Welfare Reform (Northern Ireland) Order 2015 (Commencement No.

Further information on Council Tax Support & Housing Benefit The Housing Benefit Scheme is a means tested benefit that is given out by local Councils.

The purpose of the scheme is to make sure that people have enough money to afford to pay the rent of suitable housing.

There are two types of benefits available, housing benefit and council tax support, you can find further information on both below.