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Khamenei's great ancestor was Sayyid Hossein Tafreshi, a descendent of the Aftasi Sayyids, whose lineage supposedly reached to Sultan ul-Ulama Ahmad, known as Sultan Sayyid, a grandchild of Shia fourth Imam, Ali ibn Husayn.

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According to the Iran Chamber, vigorous opposition to the government, including nonviolent and violent protest, assassinations, guerrilla activity and insurrections, was answered by state repression and terror in the early 1980s, both before and during Khamenei's well as the 2011–12 Iranian protests, among others.Several journalist, bloggers, and other individuals were put on trial in Iran for the charge of insulting the Supreme Leader Khamenei, often in conjunction with blasphemy charges.Thousands of rank-and-file members of insurgent groups were killed, often by revolutionary courts.By 1982, the government announced that the courts would be reined in, although various political groups continued to be repressed by the government in the first half of the 1980s.Khamenei became the first cleric to serve in the office.

Ruhollah Khomeini had originally wanted to keep clerics out of the presidency but later changed his views.

Khamenei was one of Iran's leaders during the Iran–Iraq War in the 1980s, and developed close ties with the now-powerful Revolutionary Guards.

As president, he had a reputation of being deeply interested in the military, budget and administrative details.

After the first prayer, he began to give lecture to worshipers who had wrote their questions on the paper.

Meanwhile, a tape recorder accompanied with papers was put on the desk in front of Khamenei by a young man who pressed a button.

After a minute the loud speaker’s sound become like whistle and suddenly the tape recorder exploded.