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Avast antivirus updating

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This tool claims to offer the same advanced technology found in most other contemporary antivirus applications when it comes to its anti-malware scan functionalities and capabilities.

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Avast Pro Antivirus includes a software updater that checks your computer’s applications and lets you know if any need updating.Most of the independent tests showed that for Avast to detect malware so well it uses a good chunk of your computer’s resources.Independent laboratories gave mid to low range scores for the lag it caused while testers performed common tasks such as opening programs, file sharing and web surfing during the virus scan.Some of its other prominent features are the file reputation system that makes use of community data; the Web Rep browser add-on that is compatible with Safari and easily detects fake website certificates; the sandbox feature that quarantines suspicious applications in a virtualized state; and the restore factory settings option that helps to restore your app to its original state.The sandbox function is an innovative feature that allows you to run suspicious applications while maintaining all the permanent changes implemented by it in a virtual state ensuring that these do not adversely impact your system’s security.It extends its protection to your home network, prevents hackers from hijacking your browser and finds out-of-date applications that make you vulnerable to malware attacks.

Its 24/7 telephone support is a nice addition to a good product that scores well in virus detection and removal on Windows computers.

It also has mobile protection available that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet to keep those devices secure as well.

This is a separate program from Avast Pro Antivirus, but you will be given the link once you’ve downloaded and installed the antivirus program.

It helps prevent DNS hijackers steering you from legitimate sites to fake ones that look like the real ones.

While you think you’re on your bank’s website, and eventually you will be logged in and taken to the real site, someone is stealing your credentials.

It also scans your entire network and alerts you if you have weak Wi-Fi passwords or have the default password still on your router.