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Auto updating jpeg viewer

Increasing this value may make connections over a low-bandwidth network more responsive.A lower version might be useful for connections to legacy third party VNC-compatible Server apps that do not offer support for subsequent versions of the RFB protocol.

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This may be useful if the connection suffers from high latency, though note VNC Server may be required to send more screen updates.By default, the latest version of the RFB protocol is send relative changes in mouse cursor position to the VNC Server computer, rather than absolute co-ordinates.Specify the full path to a file storing a private key for VNC Viewer.If the private key is missing or corrupt, connections cannot be established. See also: Specify the number of milliseconds to display encryption status to a newly-connected user for. Dutch translation is kindly provided by Koen Zomers ([email protected]– and Elmer Verrijssen ([email protected] https://- Elversoft) De Nederlandse vertaling is beschikbaar gesteld door Koen Zomers ([email protected]– en Elmer Verrijssen ([email protected] https://- Elversoft) Italian translation is kindly provided by ip Door ([email protected]), a leader in IP Door Phones. La traduzione in Italiano è gentilmente offerta da ip Door ([email protected]), il leader nella Videocitofonia IP e nelle soluzioni Domotiche.

A tradução para o Português foi gentileza de um engenheiro brasileiro.

The status is displayed at the bottom of the active VNC Viewer session window, in a green bar if the connection is encrypted and in a red bar if it is unencrypted.

The connected VNC Viewer user can dismiss the status bar at any time.

By default, the VNC Server computer’s default printer is changed to that of the first VNC Viewer computer that connects.

if the VNC Viewer computer’s mouse has one button but the mouse attached to the VNC Server computer has two.

This may be useful for connections to computers that trigger special effects in the corners, for example Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).