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(NT) -- DM, 10/22/17 Sun Online registration just closing today.Yes, registrations will be accepted Day of feis with applicable late fee. Hope to have it posted tonight or first thing tomorrow morning.

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Register at 2017 Colorado Fall Feis November 4-5, Loveland, Colorado *Saturday, November 4* Preliminary and Open Championships Pre-Oireachtas Special for Non-Championship dancers Open Figures: 4-H, 6-H, 8-H and Figure Choreography *Sunday, November 5* Grade Exams (new this year and filling up!There is a description "no admission from last night's awards." Does anyone know what happened? (NT) -- Dance Mom, 11/18/17 Sat Looks like her scores were tabulated correctly but they forgot to add one qualifier due to there being a WMH. , 11/19/17 Sun Féistastic 3 by Tina Jordan Rees is out now!I'm glad they brought her back she could get her sash, etc. i Tunes:éistastic-3/id1300079585 Bandcamp: https://tinajordanrees.- 19 New & Exciting Tracks - 12 Open Speed Tracks: Reels, Slip Jigs, Heavy Jigs & Hornpipes - 4 Beginner Speed Tracks Light Jig & Hop Jig - 15 Brand New Compositions by Tina Jordan Rees - Presentation/Display Music Track [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] if I remember correctly both groups now go to the same standard as the younger ages-- not the old seniors formula. Most girls wear a "pop" of color with their blackout and almost all wear a wig and fancy headpiece.(NT) -- WCAN mom, 12/09/17 Sat Often cheaper to fly connecting through Charlotte or Raleigh and on to Greensboro. [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: My younger dancer didn't get one side stage on Friday and we never heard any announcement. -- Must have been plenty leftover...., 12/03/17 Sun Is the commute and days/ times of classes available for Open Champions classes at C. workable if the dancer was to attend Regis University in Denver? (NT) -- Retired dancer, 11/24/17 Fri If your dancer didn't recall, the place they are in on results is their placement after 2 rounds.Not unusual for people form Charlotte to drive to Greensboro to take a flight that connects back through Charlotte (NT) -- I travel a lot, 12/12/17 Tue Looking for a holiday gift idea for your dancer check out these two stores for some unique gifts! But there were 4 comps back to back so not everyone was in room at all times. [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: **COLORADO WINTERFIES 2018** January 26 & 27, 2018 Registration opening up soon on: Preliminary Schedule (stages run youngest to oldest) Friday, January 26, 2018 Registration opens at pm Music competition (youth & Adult split) Open Champion Ship Special (soft & set) Preliminary Championship Supplemental (Hard & Soft shoe) Saturday, January 27, 2018 Registration opens at am Open and Prelim Championships. So, if they were 10 places under the last person who got points for a set round, then they were 10 places off recall.Believe there was an email to teachers- check with your TC to confirm (NT) -- 85% sure, 11/03/17 Fri I think the intent of the blackout feis is just that - blackout. Not sure what the official "rule" is, but the vast majority wear one.

(NT) -- Rules, 11/03/17 Fri Then just find your own hotel room. Everyone outs freaking out about it but we don't have to stay in any hotel blocks for wro!

I don't see them on feisinfo, but we had to leave early and would like to see how the competitions we watched went. , 10/30/17 Mon The Schedule for the East Bay Feis has been sent to Feis Productions for uploading on their website.

You may also go to our website ( and download it from our Registration/Syllabus/Schedule page. Please note the following splits: Competition 704 U12 Preliminary Championship (20 dancers) has been split into 704A and 704B.

Coughlans Irish Imports and Eight Count Apparel [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] We are still recovering from the huge fires in Sonoma/Napa county.... -- My daughter and her friends did not get a patch this year at the O. They didn't hand them out on Sunday at check in either, but later announced in room. Adults & Grades following lunch break on all 8 stages. -- More complicated to figure for recalling dancers, 11/29/17 Wed My dd is retired, but I watched the live feed.

so the news from Ventura breaks our hearts and I am hoping for the best for all Irish Dance families in that area. I am so happy to see that the WR finally called up the WQs first rather than the top 10.

I have asked, and the feis says that feisworx does the groups, but feisworx says the feis does the groups.