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Asian friends dating and social networking sites

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For example let’s consider the statement “Asian people are nerds.” If a famous white man uttered this phrase on Twitter after a major Japanese earthquake, a punitive SJW witch hunt may be triggered, but if a popular gay black female Youtuber said the exact same statement, no action would be taken.The reason is because the black woman is low in the SJW privilege hierarchy and therefore has a greater range of free speech that she could give before triggering a witch hunt.

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The idea of privilege is so essential to SJW ideology that a common debate tactic they use is to say “check your privilege,” which roughly translates to, “you must immediately halt or change your speech because your ancestors may or may not have done bad things to women or minority races.” For example, if a notable white American male makes a joke about a lesbian black woman who practices Islam, SJW’s will coordinate using a combination of blogs, Youtube, and social networking to dox him (publish his personal information, including where he works).The white man, who is at the top of the privilege hierarchy, has no leeway to make a joke about any race since he is not in a protected SJW class.He would be decried as racist and a bigot, in spite of the fact that a statement like “Asian people are nerds” has low ambiguity regardless of the race or status of the person who said it.They will then pressure the man’s company by flooding it with calls and messages with the goal to remove his source of income while engaging in a mass reporting campaign to get his online accounts suspended.Their ultimate goal is to silence all speech that they don’t like and which they find offensive while also punishing the speech offender by removing his source of income.The lack of such objectivity in SJWism is by design.

It’s borrowed from Cultural Marxist thought, which argues that objectivity and the idea of right or wrong is less important than consensus.

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Consensus used to believe that the earth was flat and that the sun revolved around the Earth.

Sadly, many great men were imprisoned or executed for going against consensus on beliefs that we know are true today.

Human biology can not sustain this notion [1] [2] [3], so when a person tries to state that men and women are different to a large audience, the SJW does one of three things: (1) Attempts to censor the speech through mob action (2) Calls the person a misogynist who hates women to inoculate the general population from considering the accurate information presented (3) Destroys the livelihood of the person by contacting his employer so that he is less able to exercise his free speech You’ll often encounter SJW debate tactics trying to use consensus to persuade you: “How can you think X when so many people think Y?