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The shuttle bus drops us on a rocky tarmac that looks like a huge parking space in the middle of nowhere.

When the chocolate is melted, she adds in garlic, rosemary, mint, , and a generous amount of sugar.I’d gone through a divorce and gotten remarried, coming out the other side fitter and happier.Kelli, my new person, and I were both looking forward to going back to the Santa Barbara wine country; she had spent time there in her previous life and we were keen on making new memories. Tri-tip is the great mystery meat of Central California, a particular cut of sirloin that most non-Californians have never heard of. R Country Market, a tiny grocery store located on the edge of the town of Los Olivos.The minute the fiery wine passes my throat, the warmth spreads gently and slowly, a pleasurable journey to other parts of my body. I knew that once I got home I’d be in the mood for nothing more than a mug of mulled wine. ” 95-year-old Patricia Amésquita asks me as I stumble into her patio before sunrise. October, the month of the village’s local saint, Santa Ursula, starts off early.As I catch the last of the fireworks, Patricia offers me a shot of , a shot of pisco, chocolate, garlic, and various herbs, poured from a huge metal kettle wrapped in a t-shirt—a kind of makeshift thermos.The traditional recipe is mulled red or white wine, with sugar, lemon zest, and spices: cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, star anise. Milanese in their 20s flock to this bar on weekdays and weekends, lured by this common formula: cheap-ish drinks small bar = drink outdoors. For the uninitiated, Garten is an author and chef on the Food Network.

But hardcore Germans like taking their traditions a notch further. ” From the bench we had huddled around in Via Patellani, a street lined with popular bars south of Milan’s center, everyone runs off to take refuge in a the night’s drinking: €5-lager-in-plastic-cups-if-you-want-to-drink-outdoors or €10-exotic-cocktail-with-ice-even-if-it’s-freezing. I stand, disoriented, numbed hands in pockets, baffled. “La Strada” means “the street” or “the road,” so at least here you know what you’re getting. She also worked in the White House that one time in the 1970s, as a budget analyst.

The plan was to grab a couple of sandwiches and eat them over a tasting at the Zaca Mesa winery.

My first clue that things had gone, well, sideways: the big grill outside of the R Country Market was unlit.

“We usually didn’t have breakfast until after working in the field,” she tells me.

With its burning flavor and chocolate energy boost, the quemadito powered her through the uphill trek and hard work.

The Santa Barbara wine country, meanwhile, had gone through . I’d been there on previous trips; my memories were of huge slabs of beef slowly roasting over a wood fire to still-bloody perfection, then sliced and served atop delicate French rolls.