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On this page, I try to give you an overview of the country, best travel destinations, my favorite places, where to eat, detailed adventures, hotel reviews, photos and transportation information.Attention: Middle-east is very unstable and you should know that traveling to Iraq is not 100% safe. I am not responsible for any misinformation, price change or anything that can happen to you.

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In the city center we can visit the pleasant Minar Garden, also known as the Minaret Park.In this park there is a small art gallery and some artificial waterfalls.However, its most important feature is the 12th century tall minaret 36 meters / 118 feet high.Welcome to my page with information about traveling in Northern Iraq, aka Iraqi Kurdistan.Many people ask me why I visited Iraq and why I chose this country as a summer holidays destination.The first Iraqi city after the border is called Zakho.

I only intended to travel for 2 days in Erbil (Arbil / Hawler), but I ended up staying for the entire 10 days of my entrance visa.

This area is currently the most prosperous and richest in Iraq with a recent economic boom in terms of infrastructure and human conditions.

This region is located in the north and the only way of access is through Turkey, on the Ibrahim Khalil border.

Be conscientious and travel wisely, as safety should be your number one priority.

Please check out updated news and security alerts due to ISIS problem close to the Kurdish region.

Also, one can enjoy the marvelous sunset from the top of the 5000-year-old citadel, visit the several parks and markets and talk with welcoming Kurdish people.