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Finn was deeply apologetic, stating to Clarke that he thought he would never see Raven again.Despite this, the two end up staying friends soon after.

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Finn is quick to break up an argument about taking off Clarke's wristband and Clarke points out that Finn is better late than never. Bellamy makes them take off their wristbands for food, which most do, but Clarke refuses. He then proceeds to walk over and take a piece of the freshly cooked meat.The group consists of Clarke, Octavia Blake, Monty Green, Jasper, and himself.He shares a sweet moment with Clarke in the luminescent forest, and he tells Clarke that not everything on Earth is like they expected.Before the Grounders could begin their torture, Clarke asked Lexa to let her say goodbye.She confessed she loved him, and they shared a final kiss.His darker personality caused him to kill 18 unarmed Grounders in a massacre while trying to find Clarke.

Lexa, the leader of the Grounders, later demanded that the Skypeople handed Finn over so he could pay for all of the innocent lives he took.

Finn became a contributor to the Bellamy's Militia while struggling with his feelings for Raven Reyes and Clarke Griffin.

He also watched out for the others, like Octavia Blake and Jasper Jordan.

As she embraced him, Clarke slid a small knife into his heart to prevent him from suffering a more painful death from the Grounders. He was childhood friends with Raven Reyes, giving her his food when she needed it, and when they were older they began dating.

For her eighteenth birthday, he found a way for her to have a spacewalk.

He is floating around and teasing Clarke Griffin, who promptly tells him to sit back down.