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Are catholics dating christians

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Of the 8.08 million people living in Israel as of September 2013, Christians constituted approximately 320,000 people, around 3.5 to 4% of the population.While Christians have fled from Palestinian controlled areas in the West Bank and Gaza Strip because of violence and persecution, the Christian population in Israel has increased over the past few decades.

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The Ethiopian Orthodox Church has had a community in Jerusalem since at least the Middle Ages.Since 1662, direction of Orthodox interests in the Holy Land has rested with the Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulcher, which has sought to safeguard the status of the Orthodox Church in the Holy Places, and to preserve the Hellenistic character of the Patriarchate.The parishes are predominantly Arabic-speaking, and are served by Arab married priests as well as by members of the Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulcher.The two missions are each led by an archimandrite, who is assisted by a number of monks and nuns.A mission representing the Rumanian Orthodox Church was established in 1935.Before 1939 the community numbered more than 15,000, and was the third largest Christian group.

Today, the community numbers about 4,000 - in Jerusalem, Haifa, Jaffa and Bethlehem. This church had an early influence on the development of desert monasticism in the wilderness of Judea.

130 CE) by Hadrian as the Roman city of Aelia Capitolina.

Since this date the local Church has been entirely gentile in composition.

Historically, this Church developed from the Churches of the East Roman or Byzantine Empire.

The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate considers itself to be the Mother Church of Jerusalem, to whose bishop patriarchal dignity was granted by the Council of Chalcedon in 451. However, in 1964 a historic meeting between Pope Paul VI and the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Athenagoras, was held in Jerusalem.

Except for national churches, such as the Armenian, the indigenous communities are predominantly Arabic-speaking; most of them, very likely, descendants of the early Christian communities of the Byzantine period.