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Applicationhost config not updating

applicationhost config not updating-55

Hmm I guess you just have to use the correct browser to post here. It displays the error: Failed to run method 'Microsoft.

applicationhost config not updating-29

I want to ignore the Image Cache directory that exists in every site on my servers. skip name="Image Cache" skip Directive="object Name=dir Path,absolute Path=.*Image Cache" I've also tried...It looks like you are adding skip directives in primary's apphostconfig. Thanks, Yes, I installed WFF on the primary server and I am updating the primary/controller's application Host.config file in the inetsrv/config folder.I've tried rebuilding the farm but it doesn't have any effect. Tried what you have but it has no what I have now...I don't need these rules on each server do I - just the primary? Thanks, Running that on the secondary gives me an error.... What can I try now to either get the skip Directive to work or to implement some kind of work-around?Error: Using a 64-bit source and a 32-bit destination with provider web Server is not supported. This is the same for msdeploy v1 and v2 - both are installed on the web server. Thanks Web Deploy 2.0 has the bug where they shipped 32 bit exe on a 64 bit box. To fix this in your environment, you should uninstall Web Deploy 2.0 from all the farm machines and let WFF install it for you again. I'm having a great deal of trouble with the file in use errors (mainly happens on PDFs because of file size I presume) that means someone has to actually watch WFF during the day so I need to include the ignore Errors parameter too.I think by the time you added the skip directive in the configuration, it would have already sync the servers.

But with this skip directive in place the future syncs to that directory will not happen.

The following msdeploy command does what I want when run on the primary but how do you make the workflow run without application provisioning getting involved?

"%Program Files%\IIS\Microsoft Web Deploy\msdeploy.exe" -verb:sync -source:webserver -dest:webserver,dir Path.ignore Errors=0x8000020;0x80070005,computer Name=web3 -skip:object Name=dir Path,absolute Path=\\Image Cache So there is no problem with the skip directive. You need to add it in the application Host.config of the controller box.

Regards EDIT: I've tried to use my production system application Host.config file on Windows 2012 R2 Standard test box and I was able to reproduce this issue.

When I was trying to start WAS with all of websites in I'm getting error "Windows could not start the Windows Process Activation Service on Local Computer. If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error code -2147467259".

There is no way to access the configuration editor when the Server Farm node, or any sub-node, is selected.