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Aol updating definition files

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– A form of automated bid management that allows you to increase your bids when ads are served to someone whose age or gender matches your target market.This level of demographic focus and the "bid boosting” tool are current Microsoft ad Center offerings.

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Also referred to as market or competition-driven bidding.An HTML tag (ALT tag) used to provide images with a text description in the event images are turned off in a web browser.The images text description is usually visible while "hovering” over the image.In some cases, a keyword the searcher used in his or her query appears boldfaced in the displayed ad.Ads can be positioned anywhere on a search results page; commonly they appear at the top – above the natural or organic listings – and on the right side of the page, also known as "Right Rail.” – Affiliate marketing is a process of revenue sharing that allows merchants to duplicate sales efforts by enlisting other web sites as a type of outside sales force. (Also referred to as a "temporary redirect.”) This form of redirection is commonly used -- and in some cases abused -- when a URL has been moved to a different location; but, it will be returning to the original location eventually.

– A/B testing, at its simplest, is randomly showing a visitor one version of a page – (A) version or (B) version – and tracking the changes in behavior based on which version they saw.

The variation called Affiliate Arbitrage involves a web site owner or blogger bidding on keywords from programs such as Yahoo! First, an advertiser determines what maximum amount per click they are willing to spend for a keyword.

Search Marketing or Google Ad Words, who then links the ads, either to their own web site, or directly to a merchant site displaying ads (from programs such as the Yahoo! If there is no competition for that keyword, the advertiser pays their bid, or less, for every click.

- A list of Web sites that are considered off limits or dangerous.

A Web site can be placed on a blacklist because it is a fraudulent operation or because it exploits browser vulnerabilities to send spyware and other unwanted software to the user.

See also – Advertisements a searcher sees after submitting a query in a search engine or web site search box.