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Anthony keidis dating

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One day John and flea were smoking pot in the studio, and he looked into john's eyes and he knew he had lost him as a friend.

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I think we get a good idea what this is about but the great thing i find is that it is fairly mysterious and this enhances us to want to understand it better, when really we probably wont as its a personal song for anthony, who i dont think is going to sell all of his secrets... Yes, it is talking about Anthony's heroin addiction but what people do not know is that at the time he was not using.)in their singing with kiedis, (kiedis's part in brackets)this is a beautiful song, it makes me feel so at home in my city, and i didn't know it was about heroin at first.was (is still just) a song about Los Angeles and its interesting kind of beauty,and I can relate to how he feels at home in the city and all that.. I always think of it when I hear a "Peps" song.1981 under the bridge in L. homeless living with my family in a rented pontiac.Thank you for the song that helped me deal with the fear and repressed memories.possibly getting into fights also (where i drew some blood?)See this song could have a meaning for anyone really, because it practicly explains why he wrote this song and its about his buddy who died in 1990, and he came up with lyrics to this song because he was confused with what really happened with him. I felt i lost everything after he left, but i continued on my ways. Its a message in life that means you shouldn't give up life because another is lost, you should keep on living life at the fullest because you might end up missing something or someone valuable in of you may have noticed links to Nirvana's songs and that is because kurt and anthony were friends infact 'Tearjerker' on 'One Hot Minute' was actually about kurt's death. A great song by the chili peppers, when i was young and the song first came out i thought it was a very different song from there other songs but when i got older i found out that the song is about anthony's drug problems and that the bridge mentioned in the song is where he use to go and shoot up on heroin.There is also a small chunk of lyrics in Give It Away referring to River. It actually took the attention from the "The use your illusion tour" Guns n roses .. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a fan of their new stuff but for me BSSM was the perfect mix of all the things that make this band great.anthony himself put to rest all our interpretations of this song in his autobiography, "scar tissue." in the book he says that after he got clean for the first time, a lot of things changed in the band dynamic.

He began to feel like a bit of an outsider, especially when the others were doing drugs.

It took a while but it all finally all came back, note by note, word by word. The little blonde girl scared of nothing, now a woman fears no none.

Anthony Kledis WAS NOT on drugs when he wrote this song.

Singing the song was always difficult to Anthony because it was emotional.

When he recorded it his friend Brenden talked to him in his headphones to keep him going with the song.

He's been in and out of rehab several times over the past decade.