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The magic ingredient seems to be time: given enough time to form an attachment, apparently, all will be forgiven. I wish the film had included give-and-take between the protagonists.

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Dave, who met scores of women before having to reveal a physical shortcoming.“What I wanted,” he says, “was to be unseen, because I’m short. Be invisible and be heard at the same time.” Dave tells story after story of meeting women online who turned out to be poor matches on account of his physicality or theirs: despite his feeling of being unfairly handicapped by women’s response to his stature, he rejects possible partners because they are overweight.Like almost all the stories, his has a happy ending: he met the right woman, they married, they have a child.It details the love story of Jonas Tancred (a middle-aged Swede who retires to a rural island with his mother, then enters Second Life as the avatar Bara Jonson, a nightclub owner and popular SL musician), and Beth Hayes, aka Nickel Borrelly (a younger American woman who advises Bara on his career, “marries” him in Second Life—and eventually has a child with him in RL).With Beth/Nickel’s guidance, Jonas/Bara develops a large SL following, playing daily gigs in virtual night spots and ampitheaters, becoming the first SL singer to be offered an RL recording contract, proffered by an avatar with a white Mohawk so enormous, he would have trouble walking upright in RL.If appearance doesn’t matter in this world where intellectual and emotional compatibility precede physical attraction, why does every avatar need to look quite so elaborately gorgeous, overripe to the bursting point?

In RL, for instance, Jonas is a kind and tired-looking man of middle age with gray hair and a paunch.

Perhaps these questions will be explored more deeply if and when the film becomes a series, as the producers hope.

For a further taste of Second Life, visit the destinations featured in ) will be interviewed on a virtual reality talk show, Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe.

But evidently, the self-consciousness is all in the eyes of the beholder.

The participants seem purely thrilled with their virtual selves, and unembarrassed by the gap between RL and SL identity.

, a new non-fiction film premiering on HBO on Valentine’s Day.