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An error occurred while validating 80004005

an error occurred while validating 80004005-2

27, 0x0000001B, The drive cannot find the sector requested. 29, 0x0000001D, The system cannot write to the specified device.

an error occurred while validating 80004005-18an error occurred while validating 80004005-9an error occurred while validating 80004005-1an error occurred while validating 80004005-21

100, 0x00000064, Cannot create another system semaphore.58, 0x0000003A, The specified server cannot perform the requested operation.59, 0x0000003B, An unexpected network error occurred.I have tried restarting the server, running Configuration of SMSQL and even recreating the backup job but the same error keeps occuring. [.691] [SERVERNAME] *** Snap Manager for SQL Server Report[.696] [SERVERNAME] Getting SQL Server Database Information, please wait...[.718] [SERVERNAME] Creating thread for enumerating all databases from all nodes...[.718] [SERVERNAME] Waiting for the threads to finish enum all databases...[.729] [SERVERNAME] Get database and LUN information...[.730] [SERVERNAME] Getting virtual disks information...[.341] [SERVERNAME] Querying SQL Server instances installed...[.354] [SERVERNAME] Querying installed SQL Server instances on [SERVERNAME]...[.354] [SERVERNAME] Allocating ODBC environment handle...[.354] [SERVERNAME] Setting environment attribute...[.354] [SERVERNAME] Setting SQLBrowse Connect option...[.354] [SERVERNAME] SQLBrowse Connect...[.357] [SERVERNAME] Parsing SQLBrowse Connect server string...[.366] [SERVERNAME] Creating threads for enumerating databases of different SQL Server instances.[.366] [SERVERNAME] Waiting for the threads to finish enumerating databases.[.076] [SERVERNAME] [SMO] Connecting to SQL Server instance - SERVERNAME...[.076] [SERVERNAME] [SMO] Querying database information...[.239] [SERVERNAME] All threads finished enumerating databases.[.239] [SERVERNAME] Validating database configuration...[.240] [SERVERNAME] Setting database disk configuration...[.240] [SERVERNAME] Setting database locating on SQLRoot path...[.242] [SERVERNAME] Querying database disk volume configuration...[.242] [SERVERNAME] Getting Snap Info directories configuration...[.244] [SERVERNAME] Checking dataset availability, connecting to Snap Drive...[.411] [SERVERNAME] Dataset feature is currently unavailable.[.411] [SERVERNAME] Getting Snap Manager dataset info from...[.411] [SERVERNAME] Dataset info file has not yet created.[.413] [SERVERNAME] Getting Snap Mirror Destinations Volumes...[.788] [SERVERNAME] Update selected destination volumes information for SQL Server SERVERNAME succeeded.[.789] [SERVERNAME] Get all destination volumes state successfully.[.838] [SERVERNAME] Sub-grouping databases...[.839] [SERVERNAME] Sub-Group #0:[.853] [SERVERNAME] Host server (SERVERNAME) Federated Group ID (-1) Instance Name (SERVERNAME) Database Name (BPW)[.853] [SERVERNAME] Host server (SERVERNAME) Federated Group ID (-1) Instance Name (SERVERNAME) Database Name (DYNAMICS)[.853] [SERVERNAME] Host server (SERVERNAME) Federated Group ID (-1) Instance Name (SERVERNAME) Database Name (Management Reporter)[.853] [SERVERNAME] Host server (SERVERNAME) Federated Group ID (-1) Instance Name (SERVERNAME) Database Name (master)[.853] [SERVERNAME] Host server (SERVERNAME) Federated Group ID (-1) Instance Name (SERVERNAME) Database Name (model)[.853] [SERVERNAME] Host server (SERVERNAME) Federated Group ID (-1) Instance Name (SERVERNAME) Database Name (msdb)[.853] [SERVERNAME] Host server (SERVERNAME) Federated Group ID (-1) Instance Name (SERVERNAME) Database Name (Report Server)[.854] [SERVERNAME] Host server (SERVERNAME) Federated Group ID (-1) Instance Name (SERVERNAME) Database Name (Report Server Temp DB)[.854] [SERVERNAME] Host server (SERVERNAME) Federated Group ID (-1) Instance Name (SERVERNAME) Database Name (TEST)[.854] [SERVERNAME] Host server (SERVERNAME) Federated Group ID (-1) Instance Name (SERVERNAME) Database Name (TIC)[.854] [SERVERNAME] Sub-Group #1:[.854] [SERVERNAME] Federated backup(main): Backup Time Stamp: _[.854] [SERVERNAME] Starting backup for each federated groups.....[.858] [SERVERNAME] Retrieving database and LUN information...[.859] [SERVERNAME] Creating thread for remote backup group(-1) sub-group server(SERVERNAME) thread index(0).....[.860] [SERVERNAME] Waiting for the threads in group -1 to finish remote backup group...[.904] [SERVERNAME] Backup Time Stamp: _[.943] [SERVERNAME] Getting current backup set groups...[.076] [SERVERNAME] Full database backup[.076] [SERVERNAME] Maximum databases of concurrent backup: 35[.077] [SERVERNAME] Minimum databases per backupset: 35[.077] [SERVERNAME] Naming convention: Unique[.077] [SERVERNAME] Run transaction log backup after full database backup: Yes[.077] [SERVERNAME] Transaction logs will be truncated after backup: Yes[.079] [SERVERNAME] Transaction log backup will be backed up to SMSQL share for only databases belonging to Availability Group.[.079] [SERVERNAME] Keep the oldest 7 transaction log backups in SMSQL share.[.079] [SERVERNAME] Archive backup to Snap Vault secondary: No[.079] [SERVERNAME] Keep the oldest 7 full backups.[.079] [SERVERNAME] Delete older Snap Info snapshots: Yes[.079] [SERVERNAME] Keep 7 Snap Info snapshots.(same as full)[.079] [SERVERNAME] Retain up-to-minute restore ability for the latest backups number of days: 1[.079] [SERVERNAME] Create snapshot of Snap Info drive after backup: Yes (always done on full backups)[.079] [SERVERNAME] Leave database attached after DBCC: No[.079] [SERVERNAME] Run DBCC CHECKDB with Live Database Before Backup: No[.079] [SERVERNAME] Run DBCC CHECKDB with Live Database After Backup: No[.079] [SERVERNAME] Backup Management Group: Daily[.079] [SERVERNAME] Update Snap Mirror after operation: Yes[.079] [SERVERNAME] Run Command before the operation: No[.079] [SERVERNAME] Run Command after the operation: No[.079] [SERVERNAME][.080] [SERVERNAME] Backup Database 1: SERVERNAME : BPW[.080] [SERVERNAME] Backup Database 2: SERVERNAME : DYNAMICS[.080] [SERVERNAME] Backup Database 3: SERVERNAME : Management Reporter[.080] [SERVERNAME] Backup Database 4: SERVERNAME : master[.080] [SERVERNAME] Backup Database 5: SERVERNAME : model[.080] [SERVERNAME] Backup Database 6: SERVERNAME : msdb[.080] [SERVERNAME] Backup Database 7: SERVERNAME : Report Server[.080] [SERVERNAME] Backup Database 8: SERVERNAME : Report Server Temp DB[.080] [SERVERNAME] Backup Database 9: SERVERNAME : TEST[.080] [SERVERNAME] Backup Database 10: SERVERNAME : TIC[.081] [SERVERNAME] Backup database list:[.082] [SERVERNAME] 1 - SERVERNAME : master[.082] [SERVERNAME] 2 - SERVERNAME : model[.082] [SERVERNAME] 3 - SERVERNAME : msdb[.126] [SERVERNAME] CHECK SNAPMANAGER LICENSE ON LUN.[.129] [SERVERNAME] Querying LUN license: T...[.913] [SERVERNAME] Querying LUN license: S...[.685] [SERVERNAME] *** FULL DATABASE BACKUP[.686] [SERVERNAME] FULL DATABASE BACKUP [#1][.686] [SERVERNAME] Full database backup location for database [master]:[.686] [SERVERNAME] T:\SMSQL_Snap Info\SQL__SERVERNAME\DB__master\FG__\Stream Full Backup\___mast__Daily.70, 0x00000046, The remote server has been paused or is in the process of being started.

71, 0x00000047, No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the computer can accept.

101, 0x00000065, The exclusive semaphore is owned by another process.

102, 0x00000066, The semaphore is set and cannot be closed.

0, 0x00000000, The operation completed successfully. 3, 0x00000003, The system cannot find the path specified. 9, 0x00000009, The storage control block address is invalid. 11, 0x0000000B, An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. 15, 0x0000000F, The system cannot find the drive specified. 17, 0x00000011, The system cannot move the file to a different disk drive. 23, 0x00000017, Data error (cyclic redundancy check) 24, 0x00000018, The program issued a command but the command length is incorrect.

7, 0x00000007, The storage control blocks were destroyed.

Hello, SMSQL had been running without problems on a server until yesterday when it started failing with 0x80004005.