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Amil and jay z dating

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They have two children together -- daughter Sadie and son Maceo.

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In honor of the epic saga that is Bey and Jay, Vulture takes a look back at the musical icons’ entertaining history together, beginning when she was Destiny’s Child’s front woman and Jay Z still had his hyphen, and charting their many collaborations (e.g., "Bonnie and Clyde," "Drunk in Love"), the birth of Blue, the infamous elevator video, and onward, toward their now-uncertain future.The superstar is due to give birth to her twins any time soon, which will increase the size of her brood with husband Jay Z to three.An insider told Hollywood Life: 'Beyonce’s security was seen leaving her Beverly Hills home this morning carrying two baby seats to a hospital in West LA 'Beyonce’s due date was yesterday and she has been seeing her OB/GYN on a regular basis at a different location.In a 2007 interview with Charlie Rose, Jay said he met Bey “ten years ago” (so, 1997).Jay Z has been spotted leaving the Beverly Hills mansion he shares with Beyonce amid reports she has given birth to twins.This trip to this hospital is unique.'A storm of tweets was unleashed due to the speculation.

One fan said: 'I just need a heads up from Beyonce and the twins on when they plan to break the internet so I can cancel all my plans in advance.'While another said: 'Did Beyonce already have the twins or is she only in labor bc if i share a birthday with them i will *die*' Others claimed to have insider knowledge as one tweeter, Caslon Hatch, told her followers: 'You heard it here first.

“He didn’t come from power or privilege,” Obama said.

“He got ahead because he worked hard, learned from his mistakes, and just plain refused to quit.

The Hip Hop mogul, 47, was seen leaving their home after Twitter went into overdrive over rumours his 35-year-old wife was in labour on Tuesday.

The day marked the Lemonade hitmaker's due date, and saw increased security at the medical centre.

Since 2015, Jay-Z has been the owner of Tidal, the music service that has struggled to compete with behemoths like Spotify and Apple Music, and which will be streaming Made in America sound and video live this weekend for free at In 2013, , released over July Fourth weekend, Jay-Z made similar missteps, again annoying those who simply wanted to hear his new music.