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Ambw dating

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So, wouldn’t it make sense for two groups who get a bad rep to come together and be able to relate to each other’s struggles? I understand the difficulty in being thought of as “undesirable.” And that’s why I like that there are groups encouraging this type of interracial, intercultural exchange.But…recently I suddenly left an AMBW Facebook group that I was part of for a pretty long time. Instead of having meaningful discussion, that particular group seems to have become a shallow place where people post pics of hot Asian models and celebrities, and where the Black women seem to flock to every post from a guy with an Asian last name, even if all he’s saying is “Yo.” I can’t say that EVERY group is like that, because I wasn’t part of EVERY group; just that one and maybe another that I’ve forgotten about.

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Not to mention that the online presence (not the mobile online presence) of Japanese people, aside from mixi and 2chan, is known to be pretty low.So I restored my profile, uploaded a new picture, and edited my information (it still said that I was “hoping to go to Japan,” lol).I added a Japanese translation of my English introduction message in hopes of encouraging more Japanese speakers to contact me.I saw one post, by a Korean guy taking a selfie, pretty much saying “What’s up? But I didn’t sign up for “yellow fever,” nor would I want a guy specifically looking for an “exotic” woman.So, I’m all for fostering relationships that would otherwise be unlikely to happen, but don’t make “getting a Japanese boyfriend” or “scoring a black girlfriend” a goal.All the discussions and topics about AMBW that I’ve been reading about lately drew me back to using the site.

One of the reasons I quit before was because I wasn’t meeting many Japanese guys (or Japanese people in general), but rather people from other countries.

The screenshot from my last blog post was from a dating/friendship community known as Japan Zone Friends.

I revived my profile on Japan Zone Friends after what seems like years.

Finally, I may just be doing one single thing wrong: listing my country as “Japan.” Even though that’s where I live, it may be possible that the Japanese guys I’m looking for are looking for women who DON’T live in Japan, and the middle-aged men from other countries might think that I’m Japanese.

I don’t think the former is likely, but the latter might be.

I can’t say there’s anything wrong with these men, but I’m 22, and I would much prefer to have a guy in the same age range, and not closer to my dad’s age (won’t lie though, if Fukuyama Masaharu proposed to me I’d say yes : P) Of the 55 visits to my profile that I’ve gotten so far (some of these are repeats), about 10% of them were from Japanese men in their 20s.