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Amazing race internet dating couple

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Generally speaking, the contestants who gripe are the ones who can't/won't internalize their experience.

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The dramatic and epic stuff is the large majority of what is televised, but some of the most valuable moments are the hours of talking that will never be shown.Usually, it's the ones who didn't get the acclaim or followers they felt they deserved.But in all reality, we are at least cognizant of the fact that we may not look great.But in reality, the producers are always there to help when things get fuzzy.It's common knowledge that there is alcohol on the show.Now that Corinne has lawyered up, she's following the natural path of a scandal by protecting herself, as she has every right to do.

Since I wasn't involved and have no firsthand knowledge of the situation, I want to share my Nation thought I was strange, to put it mildly.

I'm anxiously hopeful that the full story is given the light of day before misinformation does any more damage.

I've talked with several castmembers who were on-site, and from their perspectives, this was not anywhere close to what's being portrayed in the media.

After not being my best self on , I took time to reflect and learn from those mistakes, but I ended up looking "bad" because of decisions I made and faulty internal beliefs I chose to rely on about others and myself.

I realized I was broken in places and had blind spots in others.

Family creation aside, I'm equally disturbed by the way the production of the show is being portrayed.