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Alternative names for speed dating

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Physicist: The best way to think about it is; there is a speed (C) that is the fastest speed and, by the way, light goes that fast.

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New records and other observations of birds on the island of Tablas, Romblon Province, Philippines. Phylogeny and classification of the avian superfamily Sylvioidea. Alström P, P Davidson, JW Duckworth, JC Eames, TT Le, C Nguyen, U Olsson, C Robson & R Timmins. Description of a new species of warbler from Vietnam and Laos. Alström P, U Olsson, F Lei, H-t Wang, W Gao & P Sundberg. Phylogeny and classification of the Old World Emberizini (Aves, Passeriformes). Note that several languages have numerical names (Japanese and Latin being the most likely to be encountered).In this case, the kids will be named in order of birth: literally, "Primus", "Secundus", "Tertius", etc.For replacing an entire area's name with a number, see Airstrip One.

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1) All the laws of physics work the same, whether you’re moving or not.

There is no experiment that can tell you whether or not you’re moving.

Non-monophyly and intricate morphological evolution within the avian family Cettiidae revealed by multilocus analysis of a taxonomically densely sampled dataset BMC Evol.

Alström P, DM Hooper, Y Liu, U Olsson, D Mohan, M Gelang, HL Manh, J Zhao, F Lei1 and TD Price. Discovery of a relict lineage and monotypic family of passerine birds.

Photons are just another podunk massless particle, whipping around the universe as fast as fast can be.