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Coins were first struck specifically for Hong Kong in 1863.

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As many as 10,000 women were raped in the first few days.The eyes, ears, noses, tongues, or limbs were cut off on many victims.Seventy of the soldiers were killed with swords while they were lying in bed.At present, 10-cent, 20-cent, 50-cent, 1-dollar, 2-dollar, 5-dollar, and 10-dollar coins are used, issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on behalf of the Hong Kong government.The design incorporates a bauhinia or Hong Kong orchid tree on the obverse. Follow us in this article at we take a look at some of the numismatic history of this fascinating place, and some numismatic locations you can visit when in Hong Kong.

This lease would eventually result in the handing over of Hong Kong from Great Britain to China in 1997.

Upon seeing many mean-looking Japanese solders with guns pointing at them, some ran either out of fear or not being able to understand the Japanese command to stop, they were shot dead on the spot.

Some children cried and before the parents could stop their crying, the children were shot and killed.

A foreign nurse stepped in front and said if you want to kill them, you have to kill me first. Without his help, many of these orphans would have starved to death. G., which helped over 600 alliance (including British and Canadian) soldiers escaped to safe territories, and over 120 Europeans and 550 Chinese escaped from Japanese controlled territories in Hong Kong and China.

There was also a British underground organization in southern China, called B. Instead of learning from history to avoid repeating this kind of massacre and atrocities, unfortunately the Japanese government is in denial of their existence.

Initially all but the smallest (1 mil) denominations featured the portrait of the reigning British monarch.