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Alexis bleidel milo ventimiligia really dating

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(Bledel played Beth Dawes, a disturbed mistress who gets involved with his character Pete Campbell.) Kartheiser revealed in April 2014 that they became an item after season five wrapped. They're both very down to earth, with a sense of responsibility and strong family ties.And they've been acting since before they can remember, which makes for a very special personality.

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“But there is something about Jared.” Alexis also had chemistry with resident bad boy Jess, played by Milo Ventimiglia.Just months after welcoming a son in fall 2015, the couple attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards in L. Back to Work After Baby Bledel was photographed on set of the Netflix Gilmore Girls revival in May 2016.Weeks later, her costar Scott Patterson spilled the beans about her little boy in an interview with Glamour.Fans everywhere cheered for Dean to win in the end, but he seemed to be the one who got away, at least in the series.The chemistry between Rory and Dean was undeniable on-screen, so it’s not surprising to hear that these two were canoodling in real life, too.Instead, Bledel found love somewhere else, and you can't really fault her for it either. The , Bledel played Beth Dawes, a wife and mother who was dissatisfied and mentally damaged due to the use of frequent electroshock therapy.

She eventually entered into an affair with Pete (Kartheiser), but the affair was cut short when she underwent another treatment and couldn't remember him.

"She’s really blossomed as a woman and now she’s a proud new mother and married and happy," he told the mag.

"We’re comparing notes because my son [Nick, born July 2014] is about a year and a half older than her young son.

Make sure to grab a cup of coffee and tune in to the four 90-minute episodes of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” November 25 on Netflix.

ended, Alexis Bledel (Rory) and Milo Ventimiglia (Jess) would have run off into the sunset, never to be heard from again except to show off the beautiful children they would eventually create together.

"The most important thing, for us, is to make sure that we see each other in the flesh at least once every 10 days. "They couldn't be happier," a pal told Us at the time. "It was a small and intimate family affair," a source told Us. Bledel and Kartheiser kept their baby news under wraps throughout the actress' entire pregnancy.