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Alex gaskarth meg dating

But they recently got back together, and Lisa has not been shy about posting adorable photos on her Instagram page.So it was just a matter of time before Alex made their relationship official.

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Several of sources have revealed that Gaskarth has been involved in other relationships and occasional hookups during his attachment with Lisa.“Refused to leave for another tour without putting a ring on it,” Alex Gaskarth tweeted upon announcing the news of his engagement. @Lisa Noel Ruocco.” Lisa Ruocco was equally excited about the engagement.Shortly after the announcement, she tweeted to Alex: “You were already my family but now we get to make it official! ” Lisa later added: “Seriously feeling like ‘David After Dentist’ today. ” Now All Time Low fans around the world are flooding Twitter with celebratory messages for Alex and Lisa.Lisa Ruocco and Alex Gaskarth have faced breakup and cheating rumors for years.But now the All Time Low star and his longtime girlfriend are finally engaged!One of the names that they have come up with is American singer/songwriter Taylor Jardine, who Gaskarth apparently dumped to get back with Lisa.

Meg Frampton of Meg and Dia was also reportedly involved with Gaskarth.

"I think everyone is completely happy for Alex and Lisa and that's just wonderful," wrote @lizxotothe5sos. " And @celukes wrote: "Alex and Lisa complete each other so beautifully and are ultimate relationship goals b YE." winner Cassadee Pope.

"Ok so Alex and Lisa are engaged, Rian and Cassadee I'm looking at you next," wrote @Of Mice And Cait_.

It seems the couples have survived through a lot of scandalous rumors and are finally back together.

All Time Low has come a long way since their formation as a high school band in 2003.

He previously had affairs with Meg Frampton and Janelle Hansen and is currently married to Lisa Ruocco.