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As Kemper himself put it, “Well, [Mullin] had a habit of singing and bothering people when somebody tried to watch TV. Then, when he was a good boy, I’d give him some peanuts. That was effective, because pretty soon he asked permission to sing.

As a result of this, Bundy managed to kill 30 women across the US and remained a suspect in many other cases.Authorities in Baton Rouge, Louisiana arrested Derrick Todd Lee in March 2003 and charged him with seven murders.His crimes received a lot of media coverage both during his spree and after he was captured, earning him the uninspired nickname of “The Baton Rouge Serial Killer.” Now that Lee was locked up, the police paid closer attention to several victims (most of whom were prostitutes) they’d thought their serial killer had murdered. As it turned out, Baton Rouge had another serial killer on its hands.The duo kidnapped, tortured, and killed 10 girls and women within a four-month period.The press, suspecting a single culprit, dubbed the unknown killer the “Hillside Strangler.” In cases like this, attention usually falls solely on the perpetrators, while the victims are forgotten.This led to the bizarre situation where the two famous killers shared adjoining cells.

Even though both were serial killers, the two were totally different.

As a result of all the positive work he did for the community, Gacy was appointed director of Chicago’s Polish Constitution Day Parade in 1975.

He held that position until 1978, when he had his weirdest brush with fame.

However, with the Hillside Stranglers, a lot of focus shifted toward a potential victim, Catharine Lorre Baker.

Baker was the daughter of renowned actor Peter Lorre, whose most notorious role was coincidentally that of a serial killer in Fritz Lang’s 1931 masterpiece M.

Wife of President Jimmy Carter and First Lady of the United States Rosalynn Carter attended the event and took a photo with Gacy.