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New Recreational & OT Players - In addition to registering, please contact the coach to indicate interest in the team (Contact/Team Coaches on website).Some teams have many returning players and limited space.

Guests sit there and have a drink before their movies start.The attendant also showed me where my theatre was and the separate kiosk where I could get more typical movie fare. If you purchase online, you choose your seats from a graphic representing the theatre you will be in.I got some popcorn — what’s a movie without popcorn? If you purchase at the box office, there’s a touch screen in front of the cashier that allows you to see the same graphic and choose.Expired ID Cards Reminder - check the expiry date on your ID Card.Players with expired cards are NOT eligible to play.Summer league play runs from late May (usually week after Victoria Day) to late August. Teams may hold practice(s) in addition to their league game (practice days will be determined by Coaches). Note 1 - adult players do NOT need to register for the $40 Volunteer Opt Out which is non-refundable.

Winter Development - various winter development programs and winter leagues are also offered; information will be posted on the website. Competitive Players - Contact the team coach (Contact/Team Coaches on website) to inform them of your interest in the team).

Register from 'Register Now' button at the top of any page on our website.

Players must be registered and paid to attend assessments.

Included in the mix is what is billed as a VIP experience. So, on April 3, I booked my tickets online, printed them at home and grabbed my boyfriend for a date night. ID checked and tickets scanned, we wandered to the elevator.

With tickets in hand, we skipped the line-up and went straight to the theatre entrance to have my tickets scanned. I must have looked lost because an attendant asked: “Are you here for VIP?

SCHEDULE Game days: see OCSL website Check website and with coach for assessment schedule (see Men's, Women's or OT soccer).