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Their apostolic zeal and untiring efforts procured the salvation of many souls, and effected the conversion of many heretics and Jews, while their church presented the spectacle of an uninterrupted mission.In 1793 Father Blasucci, the rector major , then residing at Nocera, appointed Father Hofbauer his vicar-general with all necessary authority.

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Benno's church, whence they were known in Poland as "Bennonites".But the Government was unfriendly, and Father Hofbauer offered his services to the Congregation of the Propaganda at Rome.He was sent to labour for a time in Courland Russia.There they were deeply impressed by the fervour of the Fathers of the church of St.Julian, and applied for admission into the community.On all their missions they are obliged to preach a sermon on prayer and one on the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In order to secure the salutary effects of their missions, they should, after four or five months, return to the places where they have given missions, and preach another, shorter course of sermons.

On missions proper the rule obliges them to hear all the confessions themselves.

Wherever the Redemptorists have parishes they labour in the same spirit, both in the pulpit and in the confessional.

His first thoughts turned to Germany, though the time seemed inopportune, since Febronianism, Josephinism, Freemasonry, and infidelity held sway all over Europe.

He succeeded, however, in establishing three foundations in Southern Germany, at Jestetten, Triberg, and Babenhausen, which he confided to the care of his favourite disciple, Father Passerat.

One of the great means of preserving truly religious fervour among all classes of the faithful is the Archconfraternity of the Holy Family, which they establish in all their parishes.