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Can't tell you that My Gibbs Bittersweet Releasing the pressure sq to "Need a little help? Grief, love, danger, intrigue and betrayal swirl around Bond on a private mission for M. Carter and Reese have a slumber party, but its the morning after antics that confuse and excite them. Its a two shot because it would be too long for an oneshot. Could it be a simple case of lust, or is it something far more complex and real? Not my usual, and definitely not my style, but I've had this idea that Lee never loved, and Amanda was never loved *properly.*This is the missing scene from Iron Man 3 we all wish we could have seen. What happens when Cait decides that maybe a little turnabout is fair play?

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King = Lee/Amanda Miss Fisher's murder mysteries = Phryne/Jack, Hugh/Dot Criminal Minds = Morgan/Garcia. Bones = Booth/Brennan & Jack/Angela Iron Man = Tony/Pepper Thor = Thor/Jane Captain America = Steve R./Capt. (Thanks so much, Miranda Hart)CSI = Grissom/Sara and Warrick/Catherine.I love watching TV and write fanfics about my favorite shows and ships.Which are: Remington Steele = Remington Steele/Laura Holt Sherlock = Sherlock/Molly and John/Mary NCIS = Gibbs/Abby For EVER!! Might consider Tony/Ziva The Flash = Barry/Iris (West Allen)Rosewood = Rosewood/Villa and Pippy/TMICaïn = Fred/Lucie DCI Banks = Alan/Annie Endeavour =Morse/Monica or Morse/Joan Thursday Midsomer Murders= Cully/Gavin or Scott/Cully, Tom Barnaby/Joyce Barnaby.I miss him000Magnum, PISundown000 NEW: She is Complete Criminal Minds fics You have my heart (Morgan/Garcia)Always (sequel to you have my heart)... Giving a meaning to it all Given Solace Safe (Morgan/Garcia) with special appearances of Leroy Jethro Gibbs & Abby Sciuto Why them and not me? (Bones)Il faut que je vous dise quelque chose (Murdoch Mysteries)Criminal Minds Délivre-moi. CSI: Miami Parce que l'on ne sait jamais (on Hiatus)CSISauve-moi On their first date, she asked Endeavour Morse: "It's full time with you, isn't it? This story is rated T but will have one or two chapters with a M warning! This is set right after season 3, episode 8, so it will probably be AU once season 4 (hopefully) is aired. It's a matter of making time between the two, Thor and Jane. Jane/Thor When Jack comes across an abandoned puppy, he accidentally ends up adopting it. Prompt By Nerdy-Tomboy: Pepper watches some video footage of one of Tony's missions –courtesy of Jarvis- unbeknownst to the billionaire. For their first anniversary, Tony gives Pepper a special gift inspired by a certain scene in a certain novel all about certain men and women just like them... References to Fireworks, one of my other pieces, in this too.My favorite welcome home000Work in Progress Criminal minds fics By chance She is000Bones Sweet Nothings (complete) Booth/Brennan Protecting you (complete) Booth/Brennan000Murdoch Mysteries I have something to tell you (COMPLETE)Not Again (complete)December Wonder (complete)NEW: Murdoch Mysteries (WIP)Why do you question my feeling? " Nurse Monica Hicks also thinks about her job while she's off duty - especially after the well-to-do victim of a suspicious car accident arrive at the hospital where she works. Iris and Barry can't keep their eyes off each other and that proves to be problematic considering they aren't the only ones at the table. "Come after me," she told him before she got on the plane... I just couldn't wait..."There's only so much fan dancing, desk sitting and pulling lock picks out of stockings I can take! With the Bi-Frost complete, he can finally travel at will. But when he gets attached, and Phryne won't give it back, delicate negotiations are required... He walks in and catches her, emotions run wild from both parties and become more than Boss and PA… With the Dead Rose Slasher on the loose Gibbs turns up at Abby's apartment to install another deadbolt on her door to help make her feel safer.May 17, 2012 -- My dog died a week and a day ago and I have lots of troubles to get myself over it, that's why the updates aren't coming as I planned, sorry about that. I'm really sad, and not in the mood to do anything so the stories, will have more to them, but it'll take a while, I need time, 'cause I can do is cry right now. If you like my stories, please, try to review each chapter THANKS IN ADVANCE. IF SOME MISTAKES REMAIN IN THE STORIES, PLEASE POINT THEM OUT IN A PM AND NOT AS A REVIEW. WARNING: The first chapter of NOT SO EASY as been slightly modified.

I hope you guys will forgive me, but I need a little bit more time, before being able to write again. Cause when I was re-reading it, I thought some stuff was missing.

There will be angst, tears, heartache, mourning, maybe even a date or two. What will it be like for Gary once he has found his shelter? Once upon a time, this had scared her, but tonight, she found solace in it. They are surprised, but happy to see that Thor has returned. Gibbs and his agents, along with Abby, Ducky, Palmer and Breena all go away for a break together over Christmas after the devastation caused by Harper Dearing. Still dealing with the ramifications of the explosion at NCIS Gibbs realizes he can't wait any longer and risk losing the most important person in his life. Only this time she got a little more than a shoulder to cry on. Don't like this couple together then don't bother reading. A Lynley and Havers get together story, set after "Know Thine Enemy" - A kiss should change everything, but Tommy and Barbara will have to make their love work through cases, rivals, family, and the politics of CID and Barbara's own terror of relationships. Positing his retirement from Naval Intelligence, perhaps a few years ago, I wondered what might draw him back to a previous life...

Westallen in the weeks and months ahead will have a lot to work through, hoping to build an honest and long-lasting relationship. This is totally fluffy, crime free, angst free Sherlolly. It was the one thing nobody could take away from them... The time away forces Gibbs and Abby to confront their feelings for one another under the watchful eyes of their colleagues. This is the first story in my imagining of Thomas Sullivan Magnum in the 21st Century. *AR AU* The idea is to combine 2 screen caps in a logical way. : After the season six finale, Penelope takes Kevin up on his sheep farm idea, and moves away from Quantico..herself. Gibbs becomes jealous when he suspects Fornell is hitting on Abby.

I need you now Silent talk Rainy Night Strong Feeling Without a word Goodbye my Love Mirror of the Soul Not so easy Thank you Guardian I know what I want Spend the night Back to me Maybe, just maybe we could be happy together. Jack Ward's on a mission of his own and runs into Bond. I wish they were, but, I just settle for borrowing them every now and then. After cutting Miss Fisher from his life, a devastated Jack throws himself into work. Stolen moments, midnight kisses-they'll find a way to make time for each other. Hopefully a little lighter and more romantic romp through the lives of our two heroes than I usually do. Five times he almost said it, but it's not always so easy, especially when it comes to Miranda...

One Christmas Wish A Book's closed sequel to One Christmas Wish Promise me to come back. 000COMPLETE NCIS NONE OR BARELY MENTIONED Gabby fics Shining Star! Both missions collide and combine in the most unlikely of places. Would Jack really have driven all that way in a raging storm just to let a little thing like an insane killer keep him from venturing to Phryne's room? Since I stink at these summaries, I figured less is more. But the chase after the killer of a gangster boss gets him into mortal danger himself and Phryne enters a race against time to find her Inspector, uncover the biggest secret of Melbourne's underworld and possibly save her own heart from breaking. But something is ever difficult, working between the two to tear them apart. Takes place pre-series, throughout Series 3, and post-series.

Author has written 175 stories for JAG, District, Wild Card, NCIS, CSI, Verliebt in Berlin, CSI: Miami, Third Watch, Bones, Ugly Betty, Criminal Minds, MAGNUM P.