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You can send messages to any of your existing contacts or to anyone you have on Facebook.However, there isn't currently support for image and file attachments in Confide.For screenshot proof private messages that are encrypted on both ends, give Confide a try.Cyber Dust is a chat and photo sharing replacement app that automatically self destructs messages and photos after 30 seconds.For the most part, Cyber Dust works the way any other chat app would with inline images and messages, complete with read and sent receipts.Not only can you send messages, photos, and videos, you can also link up calendars and even be alerted if the other person's battery is dying.

More importantly, photos and files you share via Avocado do end up in your Camera Roll, which makes it completely walled off from the rest of your device.

Sicher boasts that it features true end-to-end encryption, private push notifications, group chats, password protection, and self destruction options for both messages and files sent.

If you want a messaging and photo sharing app that features true encryption along with support for many file types, you want Sicher.

So have a look at these whatsapp images and share these adult images with your friends.

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With Snapchat you can take photos or videos and then choose how long you'd like the recipient to be able to view them for.