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Authorities seized the dog that inflicted the bite. Joseph Ohr, the forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy, said the baby died after the dog's teeth pierced the infant's skull causing fatal brain injuries. Facebook photos -- which caused an angry backlash on social media -- showed that the dogs used these baskets as beds. The male dog belonging to Grim's brother was later declared vicious and returned to him.

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Talan and his brother Jaylan were playing in a field behind their home when three loose dogs charged them.The unreleased breed data includes a family dog that killed an infant and a pack of dogs that killed a 58-year old man.Tyler Trammell-Huston, 9-years old, was brutally killed by his sister's three pit bulls after she left him alone with the dogs.[source citations] Aiden Grim, 3-days old, was fatally bitten on the head by a family dog.The infant had been lying in a plastic laundry basket on the floor.The ad said the dog was "very good" with kids and people.

Cheryl Davino of Norfolk, the dog's former owner, placed the ad.

Jaylan jumped on a car, but his younger brother could not escape.

Robeson County deputies found Talan unresponsive with “severe puncture wounds about the body.” His mother Jamie West said the pit bull ripped out the back of his neck, breaking it.

[source citations] Payton Sawyers, 15-months old, suffered life-threatening injuries after she was attacked by a pit bull-mix while under the care of her babysitters on January 6.

Grayson County sheriff's deputies and rescue personnel responded to a 911 call about pm on the 400 block of Penn Ford Road.

His mother, 21-year old Kristy Grim, was sleeping next to him on the couch. Youngstown police arrived and found the baby deceased with a head injury.