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Henry's is located on Island B321, Frying Pan Island.

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This is also a federal airport so please no drone flying.People call these things time capsules and they absolutely are, he said from his home in Minnesota.That ship took on 10 to 20 tonnes of cargo, so now the archeologists have a snapshot of 1880s life on the Bruce Peninsula with what kinds of things are there.Rather cranky, the ship was short and stumpy with a high profile and shallow draft that made it roll heavily in stormy seas and made it difficult to handle, Cameron writes.The night it sank it carried a heavy load from Owen Sound to Meaford, where more freight and passengers were picked up.They looked past the dock location, theorizing the captain might have shot past it in order to drift into Wiarton.

It was on about the second or third pass that their sonar picked up the wreck. Owen Sound Sun Times More on the Jane Miller here Famous for it's Pickerel dinners and a must stop for boats heading north among the 30,000 islands ...

Separate dockage for seaplanes and the helicopter pad.

The docks have deep water and can accommodate a 100 foot yacht.

Cameron wrote a story about the ship, available on his website at

The coastal steamer ran between Collingwood and Manitoulin with stops along the way, taking on passengers, farm goods and other freight.

Witnesses on shore last saw what was assumed to be the Jane Miller heading toward Wiarton.