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Adult chat basement

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Several observations have been made of an SCP-511-1 retrieving biomass from elsewhere and bringing it to SCP-511 to be incorporated.

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(Ref: Interview 511-A) SCP-511 is always found associated with a colony of feral , common domestic cats. SCP-511 is a mass of biological matter taking the form of a large feline, often with extra limbs, eyes, mouths or other organs. Full medical workups are mandatory on a bi-weekly basis for personnel working with SCP-511. Description: Instances of SCP-511 typically occur within residential structures with a block or stone foundation that includes a basement or crawlspace. It will continually scavenge its immediate area for new biomass to incorporate into itself, displacing and expelling matter that has decayed past mechanical usefulness. You already got reduced mobility from the hazmat suit, got fifty kilos of gear, and you’re walking into a house that has two or three decades worth of garbage in it. Agent ████████: We have ████ chest high in places, cats everywhere, and spaces so tight that we have to go single file. According to the briefing, it would be attracted to freshly dead… Examples of SCP-511-1 resemble ordinary that have undergone extreme neglect. We have cat ████ ankle deep in places, trash bags split open, piles of soggy newspaper and junk mail, boxes of clothes, furniture that looked like it exploded, and ███████ cats everywhere— eyes everywhere— Dr. No way a guy in full gear can turn around, and forget the containment unit. The tissue that makes up this mass consists primarily of the bodies of deceased SCP-511-1.

The portion of SCP-511 that does not comprise SCP-511-1 consists of other biomass; small rodents, various plant materials, insects and insect larvae, black mold, a human [DATA EXPUNGED].

should be introduced to the site to increase population to minimum levels. Agent ████████: You ever see films of explosive decompression? Splattered itself all over the insides of the containment unit.

If population exceeds ███ individuals, it must be culled immediately.

(Note: Researchers have described SCP-511 making a “purring” sound. Agent ████████: Like lugging a self-propelled washing machine. ████: And SCP-511 was attracted to the baited unit? You know how freaky cat eyes look with night vision equipment?

Tests have shown this sound does not originate with SCP-511, but is actually the sound of insects, most often blowflies, trapped within its mass— Dr. ████) SCP-511 prefers to inhabit dark spaces with a relatively high humidity, such as old basements and crawl spaces. Now imagine dragging one of those into one of these places. So we bait the unit with the body and point it at the basement door. Agent ████████: The most nerve-wracking twenty minutes of my life, listening to that thing pull itself upstairs.

They display a body condition score of 2 or 1, regardless of the amount of food available. Just one look and there’s no way we can use [DATA EXPUNGED] Dr.