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Adult camera phone sites

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Unfortunately, Google hasn't yet seen fit to roll out the same feature to Android phones.The main place to find parental controls on Android, whether for your main user account or one you've set up for your kids, is in the Google Play Store app.

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You launch Guided Access for the current app with a triple-tap on the Home button.For something more comprehensive, you can set up a dedicated user account for a frequent guest. This doesn't add much in the way of parental controls, but it does keep the new user's apps and settings (like home screen layouts) away from your own.To change accounts, drag down from the top of the screen with two fingers, then tap the avatar of the current user.Elsewhere on Android, kid-proofing features are a little half-baked.Chrome doesn't have any web filtering options, for example, nor does You Tube.Your best bet for child-friendly video-watching is the separate You Tube Kids app, which uses Google's algorithms and filters to keep little ones away from stuff they shouldn't be seeing.

While the system-wide options on Android can be a bit hit or miss, third-party apps can plug the gap.

Drag the most recent app up to the center of the screen and tap the pin icon—your young friend is then locked into that app until someone presses the Overview and Back buttons together and enters the PIN.

Screen pinning is a good fix for temporarily loaning out your device and keeping only one app available.

i OS has its own version of screen pinning: a feature called Guided Access, which you can find under General and Accessibility in the Settings app.

When you activate this feature, be sure to turn on the passcode lock (or Touch ID protection) as well.

This means you control which apps can run, at which times, and the software will filter out inappropriate content from apps and the web.