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I think it’s a wise decision to not only use the special naming to mark 10 years of the i Phone, but also eschew the S-branding which has become a bit long in the tooth now.To many folks, S-branding has always suggested a modest upgrade.

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“Maybe the Device Tree is lying about the marketing name, maybe not.

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The latest findings corroborate a report from Dutch site i Culture, citing a reliable carrier source, that the flagship OLED i Phone would get called i Phone X, with the iterative updates to the i Phone 7 and i Phone 7 Plus models respectively named i Phone 8 and i Phone 8 Plus.

9to5Mac suggested that the OLED-i Phone could be branded as “i Phone Edition,” but that likely won’t be the case because the leaked i OS 11 firmware fails to reference that marketing name.

I took it out for two separate day trips (one hiking and one to the zoo) to test it out.