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while breastfeeding in the morning is ideal for me."Adult nursing relationships are often seen as taboo, as evidenced by sensational reporting, like when the New York Post accompanied a story about a couple in an ANR with the tag "WTF." People who engage in ANR are often portrayed in the media as "freaks," with commenters quick to point out how "gross" the act is.The comments following an ANR story on the website Scary Mommy reveals an array of people offering judgment on the couple in question, with some wondering why they feel the need to share their story publicly, and one commenter going as far as to speculate as to whether the ANR participants are "attention seeking egomaniacs." Even in the world of kink and fetishes, ANR participants are outliers.

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ANRs occur between two consenting adults who behave as adults within the context of their relationship, whether it's a platonic relationship, romantic relationship, or BDSM relationship.The person suckling the milk from the breast does not pretend to be an infant or child, and the person providing the milk does not baby their partner.So what draws people into such uncommon and misunderstood relationships?Others do it within the context of a monogamous relationship.One woman on Fet Life wrote that she induced lactation to nurse her husband but, as he travels a lot, she shares her milk with other men when he is out of town to keep up her milk supply.It is released during arousal and sexual activity, but even more so during nursing.

Not only that, its release produces a relaxing effect for both partners.

The most frequent explanation is that it gives the partners a sense of intimacy they wouldn't otherwise be able to achieve – a feeling facilitated by hormones that are secreted in order to produce a bond between mother and child, particularly oxytocin.

Oxytocin is often called the "love hormone," and it helps with bonding, creating a feeling of closeness between partners.

"We may cuddle because of the oxytocin and it's a nice way to relax and keep up [milk] supply.

But there's no difference in her role or my role in our relationship; we're equals." It's why she chooses to use the word "suckle" to describe her wife taking milk from her breast, instead of "nursing." "Nursing infantilizes the partner," Chelsea explains.

How Virtual Reality ' Sex Edutainment' Is Revolutionizing Porn "Virtual Sexology" pairs an adult star with a sex therapist to bring Masters and Johnson techniques to the porn-enlightened public Ellie, 55, and Garett, 57, are in what's known as an "adult nursing relationship," or an "adult breastfeeding relationship." These arrangements are exactly what they sound like – one partner produces milk to share with the other through breastfeeding.