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Adobe flash is not updating

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[2] Note: If the Flash plugin is installed, make sure it is enabled in the Firefox (3.0 and above) or Sea Monkey 2 Add-ons Manager (see above); otherwise, the Flash test will not work and the "Shockwave Flash" plugin entry will not be displayed in the about:plugins list.

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Adobe has recently started to bundle other applications from other vendors with the download so make sure to opt out of any programs or tools you don't want before clicking the button.Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash), refers to the Flash Player and browser plugin needed to handle SWF videos, web page animations and interactive content.Even though the Flash plugin is also referred to as "Shockwave Flash", it should not be confused with the Shockwave plugin that handles "Shockwave for Director" content.If Flash is installed and enabled, the about:plugins list will include an entry similar to the following: Shockwave Flash In Flash versions 11.2 and above, the file name includes the plugin version.For example, for Flash plugin version on Windows, the plugin file name would be "NPSWF32_11_2_202_235.dll".Plug-ins can cause crashes and hangs and may contain security vulnerabilities.

Visit Adobe's website for information on security and stability issues affecting Adobe Flash.

[6] Archived Flash versions can be downloaded here.

After downloading the Flash installer, completely close your Mozilla application and run the installer.

And unfortunately for all of us, the default (and only obvious) way to install Flash is to install the Adobe DLM plugin to your browser.

You’ll probably notice this little yellow bar at the top of your browser when you try to install Flash: Even I am tempted to quickly grant access to Adobe DLM so I can get my Flash fix on.

Step 3: Skip all the steps presented on this page and instead click the link that says .