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Actor gregory smith dating

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My first question was always: “Does it involve taking my clothes off? I loved the real-life story of the castaway who went to live on a desert island, but the idea of being scantily clad on it with Oliver Reed did not appeal.’Hollywood agents courted her and tried to entice her to the U. I wasn’t going out on a promise.‘My agent must have despaired. You think: “If I’m planning to settle and have children, I don’t want a stranger bringing them up.

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It was good, she says, to see John and Clare Grogan — who played her schoolmate Susan in the film and went on to pursue a showbiz career — and the years just melted away.‘I say to my kids: “Go and travel.They never found out who he was, but things like that don’t go away, do they?’In both cases, she objected to the fact that she would have been required to strip off.It was a brief, unhappy marriage and it lasted four years.It is as remote from acting as you could contrive to be, and I wonder if she regrets never having capitalised on her early promise. ‘I enjoyed what I did and I walked away of my own volition, which is the best way.Then again, why should she try to curb her joy as she attended a charity benefit last week?

The multi-talented, award-winning actress is back with a top-ten album, last month she wowed her audience in an ITV musical special and she has been spending nights in the arms of her hunky American boyfriend.

Dee Hepburn, however, who took the role of Dorothy, the film’s pin-up and the object of Gregory’s infatuation, chose a contrary path: she resisted the lure of Hollywood.

She said she just wanted to stay close to the family she loved and raise children of her own. As well as her longing for home comforts, this week Dee revealed another, darker reason for her change of heart.

See the world.” I want them to seize their opportunities.

RADIANT in a figure-hugging black dress, Sheridan Smith was glowing with happiness and barely able to stop herself smiling.

It was amazing how many roles I was offered that involved nudity and sex.