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Accomodating multiple

One such example that ties the influence of accommodating diversity to profitability is the U. Department of Labor’s award for entities that develop voluntary affirmative action plans.

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Large conglomerates get the most press about their workforce diversity efforts; however, small companies embracing diversity in big ways get good coverage as well.Accommodating workforce diversity can have tangible effects.Minimized potential to become embroiled in litigation and legal costs to settle cases of discrimination are two obvious benefits of accommodating diversity.Global businesses benefit from full multi-country, multi-currency and multi-lingual data.Language Swap is a unique system for accomodating multiple language environments.For in-depth descriptions of specific features, click on the diagram to display the full range of features and select a button for a detailed explanation.

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Business magazines like “Fortune,” "Black Enterprise" and “Inc.” publish lists of companies deemed the best to work for because of efforts to embrace diversity.