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Accidentally dating a satanist

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He nags me about it on a regular basis, and when I brush him off “but the bus/train is so convenient!” he’ll actually argue with me, saying that no, public transportation is unreliable, etc. I’ve actually heard him whisper to other coworkers about it, how he’d never let his kids go so long without learning how to drive.

Aelred’s writings that favors the experience of “spiritual friendship” among those with same-sex attraction. Chief among the errors of the New Homophiles’ views on St.Enter those whom readers will recognize as the “New Homophiles”—they, too, are partial to St.Aelred over at the duly-named blog site “Spiritual Friendship” (with the Twitter handle “Aelreds Friends”).At 26, I am the youngest worker in my (small) office, though this is not my first professional post-college job.For the most part I really enjoy what I do, have gotten really good feedback, and am friendly with the rest of the staff.I’ve told you repeatedly that I don’t want to discus this with you, and yet you’re continuing to raise it. Your comments are unwelcome and I need them to stop.” If any of this sounds more forceful than you’re comfortable being with a colleague, please know that, first, these responses are all perfectly professional.

Professionalism doesn’t require you never to assert yourself!

In fact, calm self-assertion and boundary-setting is part of professionalism. Second, note that there’s a gradual escalation here.

You’re not starting with “what’s your weird fixation on this” — you’re starting with “I don’t want to discuss it” and escalating in seriousness from there.

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Rick and Louie anticipate a mutually respectful—and beneficial—relationship, arising from their past shared experiences and based upon continuing common interests.