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Aaron rodgers is dating

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As he explained, fame can cause "increased strain or pressure or stress associated with relationships.Friendships and dating relationships.""When you are living out a relationship in the public eye, it's's difficult," the athlete told the magazine.

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However, as they headed out, he placed his hand on her back."He is getting ready for football season, so that's really his focus," the source added.His low-key dating life is a shift from the high-profile relationship he was in with the "It was Olivia that called the break," the insider continued, adding that the breakup had been hard on both of them.Not sure I see the relationship between his dating life and women's rights but so be it. Derek Jeter wants to ditch the Marlins home run sculpture and we're not okay with that ... J., he could be released on one of the most iconic days in sports history ... Tiger Woods had five different drugs in his system at the time of his arrest ... West Virginia seems like a fun place to attend college ... Shoutout to Tim for the shoutout to his biggest fan. Aaron Rodgers' new love interest looks to be a Harvard-educated soccer stunner.

Rodgers, 33, was seen out on New York City's Upper East Side Sunday evening with 24-year-old beauty Marie Margolius, the New York Post reports.

While the insider didn't shoot down the possibility of them rekindling their romance at some point, it appears Rodgers has already jumped back into the dating pool.

When it comes to the glare of fame, Aaron Rodgers doesn't welcome it on his personal life.

Aaron Rodgers has had a busy dating life since his breakup with Olivia Munn last April as he's reportedly spent time with SI Swimsuits model Kelly Rohrbach and Lindsey Vonn (who also skis, I've heard).

But he may have a new target in sight as Rodgers was spotted on a date at The East Pole, the Martignetti Brother's new upper east side hotspot, with soccer player Marie Margolius on Sunday night.

According to a source, the 33-year-old football pro and Harvard soccer alum "were definitely on a date." "They sat in a booth together," the insider noted.