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American talent or investment played an important role in a large part of post-war British film production.Alexander Walker has argued that in the mid 1950s, because of falling domestic audiences, British film-makers were forced to concentrate on foreign markets and had become ‘more akin to exporters than producers’.

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In a good marriage, sex is the icing, not the cake. You shouldn’t marry for great sex, but you must have good, regular sex to prevent the marriage from lapsing into a business partnership.Part seven of ten of Emily King's dissertation for the V&A/RCA M. Bond titling sequences and the invasion of British design... The dissertation focuses on the relationship between graphic design and film in the middle of the past century.It’s not easy to broach these subjects, but they are corrosive if you bury your feelings out of fear of making waves.Speaking openly with compassion for your partner is truly the best way to relationship-proof your marriage.Small British studios had been making movies from the earliest days of commercial film production.

Having switched largely to turning out propaganda during the second world war, these studios returned to producing entertainment films in the late 1940s and 1950s.

The post-war years saw an Anglo-American film industry established on predominantly American terms.

In spite of this, between 19 British independents were able make several films that were notable international successes.

He left the United States because of the breakdown of his working relationship with Ivan Chermayeff and Thomas Geismar (C&G) which was a result of his addiction to heroin, a drug he first took as a student.

Like most of the American designers who came over he had no problem finding well paid work, and within a few weeks of arriving in London he was employed as an art director at J. Katie Homans has suggested that though family connections and a thriving advertising industry made London an obvious choice for Bj, he was motivated most urgently by the fact that ‘heroin and other hard drugs were available by prescription through clinic in England at this time.’ While Britain’s advertising industry was employing some of America’s brightest designers, its film industry was attracting significant dollar investments.

Cain observed that as well as lower rents and wages these directors might have been attracted to Britain by the skill of her technicians.