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3rd cousin dating

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When Betty helped Veronica take revenge on Chuck Clayton, they found the playbook that he and his football team members would rate their 'conquests' in and Polly's name was listed next to Jason's, her worth being a total of nine points.Only further proving how little Polly meant to Jason, in Betty's perspective.

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On July 4th, before Polly could leave her house and put the plan into action, her mother got wind of it, as well as her pregnancy, and had Polly forcibly sent to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, a group home for troubled youths.Following her escape from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy group home, two searches were conducted to find her, one by Betty and Jughead and the other by the Blossoms, however, the Blossom's wished to find Polly as they suspected her of murdering Jason.While the searches were ultimately unsuccessful, Alice, in an attempt to staunch the rumors about Polly, held a press conference and announced to everyone that Polly was carrying Jason's child, much to the shock of the Blossoms.Polly saw Jason for the last time at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, where he explained what would happen; he and Cheryl would go on to stage a boating accident at Sweetwater River, the morning of July 4th, and make it seem as if Jason had tragically drowned.In reality, Cheryl would leave him safe and sound on the far side of the river.Continuing their investigation, Betty and Jughead unearthed Polly's whereabouts and went to visit her at the group home she'd been sent.

There, Betty learned of Polly's pregnancy as well as what really happened leading up to Polly being locked away.

To finance their getaway, Jason approached the Southside Serpents and was instructed to make a one-time drug delivery to an address upstate in exchange for cash.

To ensure that his parents wouldn't come looking for him, Jason, with the help of his sister Cheryl, made a plan to fake his death, however, Jason refused to tell Cheryl about Polly or why he was leaving.

Sometime prior to the start of the series, during the previous school year, Jason and Polly began dating.

However, their respective parents opposed the relationship as the two families despised each other and actively tried to tear them apart.

Later on, Betty and Jughead confirmed all that Polly had revealed to them when they found the car that Jason had stashed, still filled with Jason's belongings and the Serpent's drugs.