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1759 underground dating guide

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Charlemagne founded a bishopric in Minden around the year 800.

The introduction of the Reformation to Minden in 1529 created much conflict in the town, leading to the formation of a 36-man unit that took over the role of town regiment.Minden is a town in the northeastern part of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.It lies on the River Weser, north of the Porta Westfalica gap between the ridges of the Weser Hills and Wiehen Hills.The Mittelland Canal traverses the town from east to west, while the Weser flows from south to north.These waterways cross in the northern area of the town at the Minden Aqueduct (Wasserstraßenkreuz Minden).There were 128 prosecutions for witchcraft between 16.

As in nearby regions, almost all those sentenced were women.

Minden is a town of about 83,000 inhabitants in the north-east of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

The town extends along both sides of the River Weser.

The lowest part of the town is in the district of Leteln, at 40 metres (131 feet), while the highest part is in the district of Haddenhausen at 181 metres (594 feet).

The altitude of the town is given officially as 42.2 metres (138.5 feet), based on the elevation of the town hall.

It is the capital of the district (Kreis) of Minden-Lübbecke, which is part of the region of Detmold.