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All Chat ON service has been discontinued by Samsung.

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Theme Customization In the cases of Android (Chat ON 3.0 or later) and Bada, users can download various font styles for free and apply them in the chat room.Video Calls Users can use video chat using front and back cameras together.Both a user’s face and the scene the user is seeing are shown simultaneously.Buddies Buddies are automatically added based on the user’s contact list.A phone number is registered as a buddy on Chat ON. Translation Translation service is provided in 1:1 chat room.Receivers see translated messages only, and senders see original and translated messages altogether.

This service is available on Galaxy S4 and the other devices that have S Translator.

Users received the same messages regardless of version while they maintained their web and mobile version’s profiles independently.

If a user deleted his account, his or her devices that were connected through the account are initialized and all data of chat room and server was deleted.

A user can share his mobile screen with other buddies by pushing the share screen button during a video chat.

Other buddies who participate in group chat are also available to control the shared screen remotely.

Multimedia Messaging Various multimedia such as text, image, video, voice message, location, contact and calendars can be shared.