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Decoding the Lingo: Solids: All the resins and pigments left behind after the solvents evaporate 100 percent ftee webcams.By Thanksgiving most Adirondack black bears are secure in their dens waiting out the long winter.Food abundance and diversity is a critical part of Adirondack black bear habitat.The annual harvest by bear hunters with in the Park averages 500-600.Mixtures of forest openings with luxuriant raspberry or blackberry plants and old-growth timber providing mast (acorns, beechnuts) and dens, affords ideal habitat.The remainder is primarily insects, but bears also will scavenge carcasses of larger animals, an, if the opportunity arises, prey upon live white-tailed deer fawns, small woodland mammals, and beaver.

As summer arrives, wild strawberries and juneberries, along with lush vegetation constitute the bulk of bears' diet.

The muzzle, grizzled with brown, is long and narrow.

Both front and hind feet have five toes, each with a large claw.

Over mature and fallen trees harbor insects and small mammals.

Food is scarce in spring; there are no ripe berries or nuts as yet.

Although generally solitary animals (except for females with young), several bears may congregate in a localized area of high food abundance for short periods of time.