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During the Boxer Rebellion, an international force featuring British, Russian, American, Japanese, French, and German troops relieves the Chinese capital of Peking after fighting its way 80 miles from the port of Tientsin.

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The Sudanese government, claiming that it had assisted in the arrest, requested that the United States...The two meetings — first at a July 2016 event for diplomats at the Republican National Convention, and then at a one-on-one meeting in Sessions’ former Senate office in September — were first reported by the . Al Franken, D-Minn., asked Sessions about allegations that associates of the Trump campaign corresponded with Russian government intermediaries.Looking at the transcripts from the hearing, however, it’s not 100 percent clear that Sessions made an intentionally false statement, though he appears to have omitted relevant information. In his response, Sessions said he didn’t communicate with any Russians.Even though Japan’s War Council, urged by Emperor Hirohito, had already submitted a formal declaration of surrender to the Allies, via ambassadors, on August 10, fighting continued between the... 10 confirmation hearing "I did not have communications with the Russians" when asked about President Donald Trump campaign's contacts with Russia.Mary was forced to flee on her own when he refused, but...

Terrorist Illich Ramirez Sanchez, long known as Carlos the Jackal, is captured in Khartoum, Sudan, by French intelligence agents.

Initially a shoemaker, he also worked briefly as a brick maker and... Gibson overcame numerous childhood ailments–including rickets, asthma and a heart murmur–to earn a basketball scholarship to Creighton University after...

Hanoi is reported to be holding air-raid drills for fear of more U. attacks in the wake of the Pierce Arrow retaliatory raids that had been flown in response to the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

Some Democrats have gone so far as to say Sessions should resign, because they believe he lied to Congress under oath during his confirmation hearings in January.

At the hearings, Sessions responded to a question about President Donald Trump’s campaign and possible Russia connections without mentioning his two encounters with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Workers in Gdansk, Poland, seize the Lenin Shipyard and demand pay raises and the right to form a union free from communist control.