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10 most intimidating venues in the world

10 most intimidating venues in the world-69

Athens is renowned for its pregame tailgates on Saturdays and the consistently filled stadium at kickoff.

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Night games are known to get so ear-splitting, many fans have begun to call it “Deaf Valley.” Nicknamed “The Horseshoe” because of its unique shape, The Shoe is one of college football’s largest stadiums.Many forget it’s also the home of the UCLA Bruins who, under head coach Jim Mora Jr., are making a serious return story in college football.Exciting new players like Brett Hundley and Myles Jack are filling seats and before long, UCLA fans will make the Rose Bowl one of the toughest places to play.The bright colors, unique shape, and crazy fan base have put Autzen on the rise as one of the most must-see stadiums in football.Michigan State found that out the hard way week two as Oregon, fueled by a deafening home field crowd, blew out the Spartans in the second half.Part of the Crimson Tide’s success can be shared with the fans as the loyal bunch are as loud and proud as they come, especially when playing at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

As we approach the finals for Europa League, FA Cup, Champions League and the World Cup, one thing that is certain is the stages that these games will be played on are grand.

Not to mention thousands of screaming fans hoping to watch you fail.

College football fans are some of the loudest and proudest in the sporting world today, and these college’s stadiums and their fans are the most intimidating to visit on game day.

That got us here at The18 thinking, what are the best stadiums in the world for footy fans to catch a game? And, if you're a stadium lover, check out our photo gallery of 18 Stadiums That Will Take Your Breath Away.) 10.

The criteria we decided on are atmosphere, visual appeal and tradition. Estadio Azteca- Mexico City The 105,064 person Estadio Azteca is one of the most intimidating places to play a futbol match.

When the Tigers charge down the hill touching Howard’s Rock, the fireworks go off, the balloons go up, and the fans lose their minds.